6 Top Surfing Tips a Beginner can Follow in Surf Lessons in Malibu Beach

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Sea surfing is an exhilarating sport that no other activity can rival. With each crest and trough of a wave, your heartbeat soars and dips rendering an unimaginable thrill. But how convenient it may look, surfing, especially for a beginner, needs a lot of learning, practice, and patience. It takes plenty of hard work and practice to learn surf lessons in Malibu beach

We are here with beginner tips if you want to learn surfing from an expert hand.

To start with, get yourself acquainted with the basics of sea surfing. This includes a little research on surfing equipment, understanding how to paddle, pop-ups and positioning, and common safety measures.


For beginners, a foam surfboard is most suitable. The surfboard should be selected according to your weight and height. If you are under 135lbs, you should use a surfboard of 8ft. If you are above that mark, a 9-10ft board is best.

As a beginner, you need to find the center of gravity when you lay on a surfboard. You must learn to spot the balance point of the board. After finding that balance point, make a mark on the point where your chin is. This is the method to hit the same spot every time you lay on the board.


Before you hit the wave, learn how to paddle, position technique on the sand, and paddle boarding in Malibu. From the laying down position, you can practice different paddling techniques on the beach. It will prepare you well when you first enter the ocean.
When you are in the water never paddle with both arms at the same time. The best technique here is to use a crawl stroke. This helps you to maintain a constant speed in the water.


Your surfboard comes with a cord connected from the back of the board to your ankle. This cord is called a leash.

Always wear a leash if you are a first-timer or an ace surfer. The leash will tie you with the board, so you don’t lose it in case of off-balancing yourself. You will also have the advantage of the buoyancy of the board if you fall off.

Pop up, sit, and stand on the board

When you are riding a wave, you may feel a little wobbly at first. You just need to stay still and calm.

First, learn to get to your knees and then slowly to a standing position. You should know which leg to put forward when you are riding the wave. The dominant leg should be positioned toward the back of the board.

Good spot to start

Even for the ace surfers who know all the basic surfing techniques, they find it difficult to negotiate in high and turbulent water. So as a beginner, you should choose a good spot to start with.

Always practice on a sandy, straight shoreline. Also, make sure the spot doesn’t have any reefs and rocks to prevent any unforeseen injury.

Surfing etiquette

You must pay proper attention to surfing etiquette. Following surfing etiquette can save you from lots of unwanted injuries. Always Summer Surf School teaches you the basics of surfing etiquette.

Always wait for your turn when you are in the line-up. Avoid dropping in on someone who is catching a wave. Respect other surfers who is also a learner like you. Don’t

unnecessarily play around with the safety equipment. All these etiquettes will help you avoid unwanted accidents.


Surfing needs a lot of hard work and paying attention to details. Be attentive in applying the right techniques and using certified equipment. If you want to learn surfing, try out the best surf lessons in Malibu beach. Always Summer Surf School is the most trusted place for learning private surf lessons, group surf lessons, board rentals, and stand-up paddle boarding. For more information, contact the experts at Always Summer Surf School.

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