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Take a Proper Rest

Taking proper rest is recommended when you start the group surf lessons in Malibu. Your heart starts to race with each swelling wave. You need to sprint and even you will have to wait some time. All these activities consume considerable energy from your body. The movement in the ocean never stops, it is in constant motion, therefore, you will always have to do minor physical adjustments which ultimately sips energy out of you.

Besides, you cannot ignore the mental aspect as well. Even experienced surfers sometimes forget to recognize this aspect of surfing. You have to constantly analyze the movement of the ocean to catch a wave. This is called reading or judging a wave. There are chances either you read the wave well or you completely misread it. So, this constant mental activity requires proper attention therefore, your brain also consumes energy.

So, before the group surf lessons in Malibu, never underestimate the positive effects of giving proper rest to your body and mind.

Proper Hydration and Nutrition

When you surf in the ocean, the rate of metabolism increases, and your body tends to regulate temperature. These processes result in sweating and loss of extra water and nutrition in your body even for physically strong individuals.

Also, understand that the warmest natural ocean temperatures are lower than the average human body temperature. In this case, you can consider using water masks that give a feeling of sweat on the skin.

Since, you are already wet in water, you never recognize that while surfing your body sweats profusely. Therefore, keeping your body hydrated is crucial before you hit the wave.

Small nutritious meal or snacks before two hours of entering the water is recommended. However, what is not recommended is taking a heavy meal before your group surf lessons in Malibu.

Your body consumes energy from two primary sources – digestion and stored reserves. To access energy from the stored nutrition, your body needs extra effort but with digestion, it is easier to drive more energy. Therefore, consuming a small nutritious snack before surfing provides easy energy to your body and you feel less tired after the activity.

Don’t skip warm-up

Warm-up is essential before any strenuous physical activity. Don’t forget a good 10 minutes of stretching or warm-up. It allows muscles and joints to have a greater degree of motion. This ensures reducing chances of injury. Your muscles perform best of their ability when loose and worm.

Dynamic stretching like continuous smooth controlled movements paired with breathing is very effective to enhance muscle performance during surfing. You should warm-up your body by stretching and flexing your muscles before hitting the wave.

Apply sun protection

Applying sunscreen is a better way to protect your skin from harsh sun rays on beaches. Just like you don’t feel the sweats on the skin in water, the effect of the sun also goes unnoticed.

Your body is exposed to sunlight directly as well as the rays that bounce off the surface of the water. Sometimes, you may have sunburn under the chin due to this! Besides, exposure to the sun can also result in dehydration and fatigue.

When your surfing session is short, you may not feel dehydrated or fatigued from sun exposure, however, you will experience them after it. Applying sunscreen reduces both dehydration and fatigue.

A good sunscreen doesn’t migrate if exposed to sweat or water. Zinc-based sunscreen provides better protection during any water activity.

Respect the ocean

Remember, surfing is not a competition; it’s a way of life especially with the group surf lessons in Malibu. Respect the ocean by following good surfing etiquette. Do not litter and share the waves with the locals. Most of all have fun and catch at least one wave to leave the beach a better person.

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