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We offer a range of surf lessons that will bring a smile to your face. Our proven learn to surf method utilizes a systematic approach to teach surf safety and the proper mechanics of wave riding.

Every person in the Always Summer Surf School surfs. From the website builder to the phone operator to the instructor, we all surf. It seems obvious that people teaching you how to surf would know how to surf. This is sadly not true for a staggering number of operations globally (especially Southern California). Always Summer Surf School will always stay true to our roots. We love surfing and want to share our culture with you.
Beyond dedication to riding waves, we also believe in hiring and training only the best people to be Surf Instructors. It’s the people who make your experience enjoyable, safe and unforgettable.

We help create memories of a lifetime.

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Surf the Best Waves in Malibu

Developing and evolving for over 10-years, we provide a range of services for every surfer. Always Summer Surf School Instructors treat every student individually to provide the best experience out there!

Many people ask, “Where are the best waves in Malibu?” Others ask, “What is the best time to go surfing?” Parents regularly ask, “When is the safest time for my kids to surf?” These questions appear very simple; however, require very dynamic answers. The ocean is in a state of constant motion propelled by three primary variables: swell, tide, and wind.

A single surfing area dominates the allure of Malibu: 1st Point at Surfrider Beach. This is the premier wave of Malibu’s 21-mile stretch of coastline and arguably the most fun surfing area in LA County. There are, in fact, dozens of other surf spots in Malibu. Some of Malibu’s surfing areas produce quality waves almost every day while others reach their potential once in a blue moon. We have dedicated our lives to following the ocean and deciphering the continuous variation and evolution of our beloved Malibu coastline.

Whether you want to take your surfing to the next level, create a team-building event for you and your co-workers, plan a party, check an item off your bucket list, seek an adventure you will always remember, or enter the world of the surfing lifestyle, let us guide you to the ride of your life!

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