Get the Lessons on Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Malibu

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is the world’s fastest-growing water sport. This extremely approachable outdoor activity has gained immense popularity in the past 2 years.

Why are so many people getting on board? Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a fun way to be close to nature with the added potential of a full-body workout, meditation, and socialization. Whether you are looking to “get your sweat on” in a natural environment, clear your mind, energize your soul, or take a mellow cruise with family and friends, Stand Up Paddle Boarding provides the ultimate experience for all of us.

Standing at full height on your board also offers a unique vantage point for viewing what’s under the water and out on the horizon. We can get a new perspective on something we may have already seen before.

Before you head out on the water for the first time, it’s helpful to know essential equipment and a few paddleboard tips:

Essential Equipment




PFD (Personal Floatation Device)

Sun Protection

Introductory Techniques

Standing up on the Board

Basic Paddle Stroke


⦁ Stand Up Paddle Boarding exposes us to sunlight from above and reflecting off the surface of the water. Some of us are more sensitive than others. Protect your skin and eyes accordingly. Always dress in lightweight, spf clothing that we can swim in.
⦁ We can easily cover long distances with great ease. Bring water for outings that could potentially go longer than one hour.
⦁ We can utilize Stand Up Paddle Boarding for very physically demanding exercises. Bring small energy snacks for outings that could require sustained high-energy output.
⦁ Bring a safety whistle for journeys into the open-ocean or harbors/lakes with sail or motor-powered vessels.

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