Surf Lessons

We teach first-time, beginner, intermediate, and advanced level surfers. We create custom events for any occasion. Ages 4 and up can be registered for surfing lessons. We encourage siblings, friends, and family to attend together.

First-Time Surf Lesson

Surfing for the first time is one of the most eye-opening experiences a person can have. The exhilarating feeling of riding waves compares to nothing else. The physical challenge gives everyone a sense of accomplishment. The energy of the ocean recharges body and mind.
*First-Time Surf Lesson includes surfboard and wetsuit rental in the lesson price.

The First-Time Surf Lesson Introduces:


Beach, Ocean, & Equipment Safety

The Surfing Area

Surf Etiquette

Surf Science

Paddling Techniques

Wave Catching Techniques

Wave Riding Techniques

Beginner Surf Lesson

Beginner Students independently catch and ride broken waves (white waves). Beginner Students are learning to catch waves before they break and ride the open face (green waves).
*Beginner Surf Lessons include surfboard and wetsuit rental in the lesson price.

Beginner Surf Lessons build on First-Time Surf Lesson content:

  • Beach, Ocean, and Equipment Safety
  • The Surfing Area
  • Surf Etiquette
  • Surf Science
  • Paddling Efficiency
  • Surfboard Navigation Techniques
  • Wave Catching Techniques – Increase your wave count
  • Wave Riding Techniques – Ride the open face (green waves)
  • Choosing your own equipment

Intermediate Surf Lesson

Intermediate Students catch waves before they break and ride the open face (green waves). Intermediate Students are learning to stay in power-source of the wave and beginning to explore speed-generating tactics.

*If you prefer to rent a specialty surfboard (hard-board), we can organize the rental and have the board waiting for you at the beach.

Intermediate Lessons – Have More Fun:

  • Beach, Ocean, and Equipment Safety
  • The Surfing Area – Navigating a crowded Lineup
  • Surf Etiquette
  • Surf Science – Find the best waves
  • Improved Paddling Efficiency
  • Advanced Surfboard Navigation Techniques
  • Wave Catching Techniques – Optimize every wave ridden
  • Wave Riding Techniques – Generate speed and find the power source of the wave
  • Building your personal quiver
  • Selecting equipment to optimize your surf session


Advanced Surf Lesson

Advanced Surfers are working to master the bottom-turn, cutback, and other high-performance maneuvers. You can request executive service at premier surf spots in Malibu or custom training programs with our expert coaches to prepare for surf contests or international surf trips. We customize every lesson and package to fit your needs.

Advanced Surf Lessons/Executive Service

  • Dive deep into any element of surfing you wish to explore
  • Surf waves you didn’t even know existed locally
  • Get waves on the most crowded days at premier surf spots
  • Travel to far-reaching destinations
  • If you can imagine it, one of our coaches will take you there!

We can all fine-tune our skills! Describe your surfing experience when booking your lesson and we will match you with an instructor that is the best fit for you.

Customize your experience! Swimming ability is encouraged but not required for a First-Time Lesson. Please let us know how we can make any special accommodations.

Instructors are available for you from 6:00am to 6:00pm (sunrise to sunset) every day (Monday-Sunday) all year round.

Private and Group Surfing Instruction
Pricing for our one-time private surf lesson is listed below. Lesson packages are also available if you are planning to take more than two surf lessons. Please reach out for any custom packages to fit your needs.

*Equipment rentals (surfboard & wetsuit) are included in the cost of First-Time and Beginner Lessons. Cities charge legal schools a beach fee (this surcharge is always included in the cost).

Other information: Please refer to our policy for cancellation, rescheduling, refunds, etc. Your surfboard, wetsuit, private surfing instructor, and surcharge costs are already included in our pricing.