Enroll with the prestigious surf lessons Studio City

Always Summer Surf School is a prestigious name to reckon with when it comes to joining surf lessons in Studio City. You can learn single and group Studio City surf lessons at Always Summer Surf School. Our team of highly experienced and skilled surfing coaches teaches all important aspects of surfing to surf enthusiasts. They approach their responsibilities with passion and complete attention to detail. We do everything in our scope to meet the expectations of learners by teaching them the basic techniques of surfing.

We offer surf lessons Studio City for all including first-timers, beginners, intermediates, and advanced surfers. If you want us to create custom events for any occasion, we can do it for you. Registration is open for 4 years and above for all surfing lessons. We encourage siblings, friends, and family to attend our Surf lessons in Studio City together.


First-time surf lesson in Studio City

When you learn something for the first time, you learn a lot about the basics. You can learn basic and professional skills with our Studio City surf lessons. There can be no thrilling experience other than hitting waves in Studio City. You always experience a sense of accomplishment when you face the physical challenges of surfing. You can feel the energy of oceans catching with your mind and body.
*First-time Surf Lesson includes surfboard and wetsuit rental in the lesson price.

The First-Time Surf Lesson Introduces:

Beach, Ocean, and Equipment Safety
The Surfing Area
Surf Etiquette
Surf Science

Paddling Techniques

Wave Catching Techniques

Wave Riding Techniques


Advanced Surf Lesson

Beginner students are taught to catch and ride broken waves (white waves) independently. Beginner students also learn to catch waves before they break and ride the open face (green waves).

Advanced Surf Lesson/Executive Service

Dive deep into any element of surfing you wish to explore

Surf waves you didn’t even know existed locally

Get waves on the most crowded days at premier surf spots

Travel to far-reaching destinations

If you can imagine it, one of our coaches will take you there!

Surf coach in Studio City

Our surf lessons Studio City improve your surfing skills! Let us know your surfing experience when booking your slot with us. We do our best to match your expectations with an instructor suitable for your requirements.

Swimming skill is not mandatory for first-time surfers; however, swimming skill can prove to be beneficial.

Instructors are available for you from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm (sunrise to sunset) every day (Monday-Sunday) all year round.

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