Team Showcase


Matthew Markman

Matthew Markman is a Southern California native. In 2010 his life changed. He realized a growing population is looking for comprehensive condensed surf training which would otherwise require...


Steele Pace

Steele Pace is a So Cal native raised in Venice beach. Surfing over twenty years and teaching more than ten years, Steele now specializes in videography/ photography. He...


Makena Nai

Surfer, professional skateboarder and all-around waterman from the Big Island of Hawai’i, Makena has been teaching and coaching surfing for eight years. He has dedicated his life to...


Doug Wright

Doug has been surfing for twenty years. He grew up surfing on the East Coast. Surfing in ESA contests, then moved after high school to attend the University...


Dan Robinson

Daniel Robinson is a Malibu native. Professional longboarded at the age of fourteen, now turned professional surf coach. He grew up surfing the infamous Surfrider beach, also known...

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